Marco Kozlowski – more than just a real estate expert

February 20, 2019
If you are fond of watching reality real estate shows or follows the latest buzz about the real estate industry, then you probably heard the name, Marco Kozlowski. He is one of the most talked about names in the luxury real estate niche.

Who is Marco Kozlowski?

Marco Kozlowski is the luxury home guy. He is one of the leading experts in luxury real estate investing. He offers luxury real estate investment seminars and coaching sessions. If you are in Canada and the United States, make sure you come to Marco Kozlowski’s events. It is where you will get valuable information about real estate investing, especially luxury real estate niche.

Aside from real estate investing strategy, Marco also tackles other topics which you can use to further improve your status in life. He tackles a variety of topics like business and wealth building techniques. He is a business and executive coach. He helps a selected group of successful professionals and entrepreneurs. If you are someone who wants to take your business into the next level, then you should contact Marco Kozlowski.

Meet the expert : Marco Kozlowski Toronto

Aside from being a luxury real estate expert, Marco Kozlowski is also a man of many titles. He is experts on delegation and systems process engineering. He is also a successful businessman. He owns a variety of successful companies such as holistic centers and cancer research facility. He also owns a private business consulting firm and recording companies.

By the way, Marco was a musician before he even becomes a real estate investor. He worked as a concert pianist. Being a musician is what he sees himself doing for the rest of his life. However, money is tight back then. His income as a concert pianist is not enough to sustain the needs of his growing family. He turned his back to music and decided to focus on being a full-time real estate investor. Real estate didn’t fail him. He became one of the most successful real estate investors of his time. Only a few investors excel in luxury real estate niche and Marco is one of them.

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Marco Kozlowski At Will Events

Today, Marco holds a real estate event and coaching session. His primary goal is to help others improve their life through real estate. Marco has built a multi-million dollar company from scratch. He ventured into real estate and after earning the much-needed capital, he ventured into other businesses. He developed a business process system and shares this with everyone. Come to Marco Kozlowski’s event and have the opportunity to improve your life for the better.

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